ER Student Ministries

ERER Ministries is designed for youth 7th through 12thheartcheck grade and led by youth pastor Jeremy Stasiowski.  Our youth service, known as heartcheck, is held on Wednesday nights from 6:30pm - 8:00pm.  In addition to heartcheck, Pastor Jeremy and his team lead weekly outreach opportunities, ministry teams and regularly scheduled events.  ER Ministries is dedicated to missions and we are annually involved in trips to encourage and educate our youth. We desire our youth to know Jesus, to follow Him as His disciples and to minister His love to others.



Starting June 9th....................

Join us for Breakfast & Bible Study at The Green Leaf restaurant EVERY TUESDAY @ 9AM


June 3            Wednesday        Summer Slam Kickoff Party 
                                                           6-8pm at the Church, cookout, lip sync contest, ultimate Frisbee and Ice cream

June 11-13     Thurs-Sat.          REGIONAL BLAST
                                                          Leave church at 9am Thursday… return Sat at

June 17           Wednesday      Party at Jaret Followay’s House 
                                                         6:30-8:30.  Meet at church by 6pm if you need a ride.

June 22-26      Mon-Wed         NCO Camp
                                                          Leave the church on Monday at 9am.

July 1              Wednesday      Color War & Water Party
                                                          6:30-8:30pm at the church.  Food, Kickball and our first ever color war… bring an extra white T-shirt.

July 8              Wednesday      Party at Aaron Eicher’s House
                                                          6:30-8:30.  Meet at church by 6pm if you need a ride.

July 16            Thursday          Crash NCO Camp Meeting
                                                          Water Park, Dinner, Service & Bowling.  $12 plus food money.  Meet at the church at 11am. 
                                                          Will be back late

July 23            Thursday          NCO Cedar Point Day
                                                          $38 per ticket / Plus Spending money.  Leave the church at 8am and return by midnight.

July 29           Wednesday       Party at Bryce Hobbler’s house
                                                          6:30-9pm.  Meet at church by 6pm if you need a ride.

Aug 1-9          Sat.-Sun            Urban Encounter Mission & Kalahari Trip
                                                         More details to come

Aug 15                Saturday          7th Grade Welcome Event
                                                        ...more details to come